be bop

  • Sound of Noise (2010)

    Sound of Noise (2010)

    one day, a group of percussionists decide┬áto go for erratic, guerrilla-like performances that disrupt their everyday locations, using any objects they can lay their hands on as potential instruments. the same day, a tone-deaf cop who hates music decides to hunt them down. and what follows is an urban and earwormy symphony, always a work…

  • La Antena (The Aerial) 2007

    La Antena (The Aerial) 2007

    written and directed by esteban sapir, la antena (the aerial) is an argentine black and white extravaganza: the inhabitants of a dystopian future-world have lost their voice, numbed by the sinister brainwashing effect of the television being pumped out by the so called mr TV. the totalitarian mr TV kidnaps the only person left with…